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In-Depth Series

HAM radio, QSK

"I can hear you between my signals." --Definition of QSK This netcast is a personal project. From time to time in my life I've encountered things that I want to share with others. Sharing will be the name of the game here. The topics are sure to be varied, from computers and technology to politics and sociology, from pet peeves to in-depth software how-tos. I'm not sure there's any way to put a classification on what you might hear when you listen, but the hope is that no matter what the subject it will always lead to outrage, thoughtful contemplation, sounds of disgust, a nod of agreement, a fist-shake of righteous indignation. If I can spark some neural activity or inspire a conversation, I have done my job properly. I've already described the netcast to several people who have asked as "80% tech and 20% rant." That might be a good way to sum it up; or it may not. I'm jumping in the car and going along for the ride just like you are. Along the way I hope I put out some interesting information, get tons of feedback from listeners, and overall simply engage the human race (at least the part of it that is listening to me) in a broad dialog. So dip your toes in. The water's fine. You can find the OGG Feed link at the top of the page for downloading the audio episodes to your favorite podcatcher. Let's see where the mood takes us. Intro and Outro music is "Sly Bone" by Larry Seyer.

Some stuff I bought at a recent amateur radio rally - MrX | 2018-02-12

Links to the stuff I bought at a recent amateur radio rally I attended.

What's in my ham shack, part 2 - MrX | 2017-11-08

What's in my ham shack, part 1 - MrX | 2017-11-02

Amateur Radio Round Table #3 - Various Hosts | 2017-10-18

This is the 3rd in the Amateur Radio Round Table series.

Participants in this episode are:

  • Steve, KD0IJP
  • Michael, DL4MGM
  • Ken, N0CALL
  • Russ, K5TUX

No agenda items had been set before recording, so we spent our time answering Ken's questions and allowing the discussion to proceed naturally. Some of the topics of conversation included:

  • What the licensing exams are like in the US as well as Germany.
  • Resonance.
  • Antenna design.
  • RF Modulation

The next Amateur Radio Round Table recording is tentatively set for November 15, 2017 at 18:00 UTC. Watch the HPR email list for any further updates on this and consider joining in the discussion if you are a "ham" or if you aren't but have any interest in the subject.

What's In My Ham Shack - Steve Saner | 2017-09-20

What's In My Ham Shack

In this episode I am starting what I hope will become a series where Amateur Radio operators talk about what equipment they have and use in their Ham Shacks.

Ham Shack Definition

A good definition of exactly what a Ham Shack is can be found on Wikipedia.

Categories of Ham Radio gear

I tend to divide gear into the following categories.

  1. Portable - hand-held devices designed for carrying.
  2. Mobile - equipment that is designed to be used in a vehicle.
  3. Base - gear used in a fixed station environment.
  4. Miscellaneous - other stuff.

My Ham Shack

You can google any of these model numbers to see what the hardware looks like and learn more about it.

Portable Gear

  • Allinco DJ-190 Handy-Talkie
  • Yeasu VX-6R tri-band Handy-Talkie

Mobile Gear

  • Yeasu FT-8800 dual-band radio
  • New Motorolla Mount (NMO) antenna mount
  • Comet B-10nmo mobile antenna
  • Comet SBB-5nmo mobile antenna

Base Station Gear

  • ICOM IC-746 HF+6m+2m radio
  • Grasshopper II vertical HF antenna
  • Unknown brand vertical 2-meter/70-cm base station antenna
  • MFJ-4225MV Switching Power Supply
  • MFJ-949E Manual Antenna Tuner
  • LDG Electronics AT-200Pro II Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Computer running Xubuntu 16.04
  • West Mountain RIGblaster Advantage digital interface

Miscellaneous Gear

  • MFJ-269C Antenna Analyzer
  • Stereo head-phones and microphone
  • Push-to-Talk pedal
  • RTL-SDR Dongle
  • Collection of various connectors and adaptors

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 9 - MrX | 2017-07-14

In this episode I cover the menus 25 to 40 of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

  • Menu 25, SFT-D - Frequency Shift Direction [ - / + / 0 ] (Duplex shift)

  • Menu 26, OFFSET - Frequency shift amount - Values (MHz) [ 00.000 - 69.990 ]

  • Menu 27, MEM-CH - Store a Memory Channel [ 000 -- 127 ]

  • Menu 28, DEL-CH - Delete a memory channel [ 000 -- 127 ]

  • Menu 29, WT-LED - Display back-light colour (Standby) [ BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, OFF ]

  • Menu 30, RX-LED - Display back-light colour (Receive) [ BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, OFF ]

  • Menu 31, TX-LED - Display back-light colour (Transmitt) [ BLUE, ORANGE, PURPLE, OFF ]

  • Menu 32, AL-MOD - Alarm Mode, Activated when Orange button Held [ SITE, TONE, CODE ]

  • Menu 33, BAND - Band Selection [VHF/UHF]

  • Menu 34, TDR-AB - Transmit selection in Dual Watch mode [ A / B / OFF ]

  • Menu 35, STE (Squelch Tail Elimination) [ ON / OFF ]

  • Menu 36, RP-STE - Squelch Tail Elimination through a repeater [ 1-10 OFF]

  • Menu 37, RPT-RL - Delay the squelch tail of re-peater [ 1 - 10 OFF ]

  • Menu 38, 38 PONMGS - Power On Message [ Full / MSG ]

  • Menu 39, Roger Beep, Wikipedia [ ON / OFF ]

  • Menu 40 RESET - Restore defaults [ VFO / ALL ]

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 8 - MrX | 2017-07-05

In this episode I cover the menus 12 to 24 of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

  • Menu 12, T-DCS - Transmitter DCS: [ D023N -- D754I , OFF ], DCS Wikpedia

  • Menu 13, 13 T-CTCS - Transmitter CTCSS [ 67.0 -- 254.1, OFF ], CTCSS Wikipedia

  • Menu 14, VOICE - Voice Prompt [ ENG / CHI / OFF ]

  • Menu 15, ANI-ID - Automatic Number ID Baofeng UV-5R

  • Menu 16, DTMFST - DTMF tone of transmit [1, 2, 3, 0]

  • Menu 17, S-CODE - Signal Code [ 1-15 ]

  • Menu 18, SC-REV - Scanner Resume Method (Time, Carrier, Search) [ TO / CO / SE ]

  • Menu 19, PTT-ID - When to send the PTT-ID (Beginning, End Both) [ BOT / EOT BOTH ]

  • Menu 20, PTT-LT - Signal code sending delay. [ 0 -- 30 ]

  • Menu 21, MDF-A - Channel Mode A Display [ NAME / FREQ ]

  • Menu 22, MDF-B - Channel Mode B Display [ NAME / FREQ ]

  • Menu 23, BCL - Busy Channel Lock-out [ OFF / ON ]

  • Menu 24, 24 AUTOLK - Automatic Keypad Lock [ ON/ OFF ]

  • DTMF, Wikipedia

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 7 - MrX | 2017-06-26

In this episode I cover the menus 6 to 11 of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

Link to the Free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 6 - MrX | 2017-06-19

In this episode I cover the menus 0 to 5 of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 5 - MrX | 2017-06-12

In this episode I cover the rear and front panel features & controls of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 4 - MrX | 2017-06-06

In this episode I cover the controls and connectors around the outside edge of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

I couldn't find a link to the supposed problem with the headphone socket on the Baofeng UV5R and despite regularly plugging and unplugging the covert earpiece so far mine seems to be working OK as long as I don't push the plug too far in. Perhaps on this radio it is less of a problem than I first thought.

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 3 - MrX | 2017-05-29

This episode will be right up your street if you like rambling podcasts.

I planned to cover the supplied accessories of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver however somewhere along the line I rambled off topic and started blathering on about a whole range of topics.

I cover the VHF / UHF spectrum, radio frequency, wavelength Omni-directional antennas, mains hum time stamp fingerprinting among other things.

Sit back and enjoy.

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 2 - MrX | 2017-05-22

In this episode I go through the general specification of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

Baofeng UV5R VHF/UHF Handset part 1 - MrX | 2017-05-16

In this episode I give a brief introduction and demonstration of the Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Hand Held Transceiver

Undocumented features of Baofeng UV-5R Radio - MrX | 2016-07-11

This is a short follow on show listing undocumented features I came across while playing with my new Baofeng UV-5R radio

QSK Netcast 6: The Origin of Open Source - KFive | 2011-02-24

Originally aired on OCTOBER 15TH, 2010
This episode of the QSK Netcast is the audio recording of my talk at Ohio Linux Fest 2010 entitled “The Origin of Open Source.” The talk turned into a strange but, I think, interesting melange of Open Source philosophy, history, sociology and religion. The biggest problem was the poor audio recording equipment used in a very large room so the audio many be difficult to understand in a few places. I did what I could to clean it up using Audacity, but it’s simply not great. Hope everyone enjoys it, though. I’m going to attempt to put up written transcripts of all my episodes starting very soon.

QSK: Episode 5: You're Driving Me Crazy - KFive | 2010-12-16

In this episode of the QSK Netcast, your hero takes his road rage into the netcast arena. With a top-ten list of bad driving buffoonery to choose from, I stand on my soapbox for an entire episode and spout off to my heart's content. Be warned, the explicit tag on this episode means EXPLICIT. No two ways about it. It just so happens that when I'm passionate about something, I don't hold anything back. Please enjoy this latest episode and tell all your friends about the show. Don't forget to send feedback, too. I'd love to hear what you think.

QSK Episode 4: AM vs. FM - KFive | 2010-11-24

After a discussion on IRC that I've had several times before over the past few years, I decided to put my thoughts on the difference between AM and FM radio into a podcast. This talk gets a little bit technical but I think it's easy enough for the average listener to follow. Thank you, Linux Basement, for mentioning the show. I really appreciate it!

QSK1: Devil in the Details - KFive | 2010-10-29

This is the very first episode of the QSK Netcast. I want to thank everyone who supports podcasting, netcasting, Internet broadcasting or whatever you want to call it. I also want to thank all those who believe in Open Source, who strive to mentor with every breath and who believe the world is a better place with more knowledge in it. Please have a listen to my latest effort and send me feedback using the contact form or by leaving comments on the Web site. You can also call the show at 417-200-4811 and press the option for QSK Netcast. I really want to hear from you: Your likes, your dislikes, your requests, your questions--whatever. Just remember, it can only get better from here.