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Creator of Bitcorn Battle game, and Rob this Farm contests for problem solvers that want to win free Bitcorn loot.

episodes: 4

hpr2866 :: Intro to Bitcoin for techies

Released: 2019-07-29. Duration: 00:31:55. Flag: Clean. Series: Blockchain.
Tags: bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency.
Survey of Bitcoin: blockchains, blocks, transactions, miners, PoW, hashing, addresses, wallets

hpr2857 :: Creating CounterParty Collectible Tokens for the Bitcorn Game

Released: 2019-07-16. Duration: 00:16:35. Flag: Clean. Series: Blockchain.
Tags: bitcorn, bitcoin, collectibles.
How to create Bitcorn collectibles: tokens issued on Bitcoin blockchain, used in Bitcorn Farms game

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