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hpr2208 :: Kayak Camping

Released: 2017-01-18. Duration: 00:25:02. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: camping, outdoors, kayak, kayaking, boating.
Kayak camping is a really fun (and affordable) way to explore the outdoors and get away.

hpr2191 :: Building a Soundboard Android App with App Inventor

Released: 2016-12-26. Duration: 00:10:03. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: android, app inventor, mit.
droops walks us through how to build Android Apps with App Inventor a block based language.

hpr2061 :: Handwriting

Released: 2016-06-27. Duration: 00:07:20. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: handwriting, fountain pens, education, add, adhd.
droops argues why people should use handwriting to gain super powers

hpr2035 :: Building Community

Released: 2016-05-20. Duration: 00:07:45. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: community.
droops discusses some ideas on how to expand the HPR community

hpr1908 :: Arduino Pumpkin

Released: 2015-11-25. Duration: 00:07:28. Flag: Clean. Series: Arduino and related devices.
Tags: Arduino,Arduino Uno,LED,pumpkin,Halloween.
droops talks about how his class built a pumpkin that comes alive for halloween.

hpr0786 :: Streaming sporting events

Released: 2011-08-07. Duration: 00:06:49. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0673 :: droops returns to geocaching

Released: 2011-03-02. Duration: 00:17:48. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0657 :: HPR Video Proposal

Released: 2011-02-08. Duration: 00:07:02. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0643 :: What's on my MP3 Player

Released: 2011-01-19. Duration: 00:12:26. Flag: Explicit. Series: Podcast recommendations.
Tags: podcast,recommendation.
What's on my MP3 Player

hpr0639 :: Podcasts are not Radio

Released: 2011-01-13. Duration: 00:04:14. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0632 :: Notebook Method for ADHD

Released: 2011-01-04. Duration: 00:11:51. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0201 :: phreaknic

Released: 2008-10-07. Duration: 00:22:30. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0157 :: New Hackermedia Content

Released: 2008-08-06. Duration: 00:05:52. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0104 :: Not about Airsoft

Released: 2008-05-23. Duration: 00:11:10. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0100 :: Hackermedia Awards: RFA

Released: 2008-05-19. Duration: 00:27:44. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0096 :: Xfce, Oh I how I love you

Released: 2008-05-13. Duration: 00:11:50. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: XFCE,introduction,review.
Why I like XFCE and why you might want to consider using it

hpr0035 :: An interview with John Whaley

Released: 2008-02-18. Duration: 00:20:40. Flag: Explicit. Series: Interviews.
Tags: Moka5,interview,"computer science".
droops interviews John Whaley from Moka5

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