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Welcome to HPR the Community Podcast

We started producing shows as Today with a Techie on 2005-09-19, 15 years, 4 months, 5 days ago. Our shows are produced by listeners like you and can be on any topic that "are of interest to hobbyists". If you listen to HPR then please consider contributing one show a year. If you record your show now it could be released in 16 days.

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Latest Shows

hpr3251 :: Opposing Views on Alcohol

Windigo and Mrs. Honeyhume discuss their views on alcohol

Hosted by Windigo on 2021-01-18 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: alcohol.
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I discuss the subject of alcohol with my partner of sixteen years, Mrs. Honeyhume. While we agree on many subjects, alcohol is not one of them.

She believes alcohol is an important experience, one to be shared with friends, and I dislike nearly everything about it.

We discuss what we like/dislike about alcohol, our histories with it, and present our personal anecdotal evidence.

hpr3250 :: GIMP: Getting Started With Layers

Mastering the basic tools of Layers in GIMP

Hosted by Ahuka on 2021-01-15 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, layers.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: GIMP | Comments (0)

Layers are the feature that does most of the heavy lifting in GIMP. After our previous introduction, we start to get hands-on with the controls that let us work with Layers

hpr3249 :: Linux Inlaws S01E21: The Big Linux Inlaws Peep Show

The two chaps go the full monty and reveal it all

Hosted by monochromec on 2021-01-14 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: Nudity, tracing, debugging, extended berkeley packet filter, weapons of math destruction.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Linux Inlaws | Comments (0)

hpr3248 :: SARS-CoV-2 detection by PCR explanation

This episode summarizes the process to detect the virus that causes COVID-19 by PCR

Hosted by b-yeezi on 2021-01-13 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: PCR,COVID019.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Health and Healthcare | Comments (1)

Basic Process

  1. Sample Collection
  2. Sample Transportation
  3. Nucleic Acid extraction and Purification
  4. Amplification and Detection

hpr3247 :: Saturday Morning Automotive Routine

I have developed a relaxing 10-step routine for keeping your car in running condition.

Hosted by TrumpetJohn on 2021-01-12 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: system,lifehack,automotive,routine maintenance.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

The top ten are:

  1. Gas
  2. Tires
  3. Battery
  4. Hoses/Belts
  5. Fluids
  6. External
  7. Review dates
  8. Schedule replacement parts
  9. Clean up
  10. Choose for car wash
  1. A treat!

Blog site:

hpr3246 :: LXCast: freeing the Fairphone 3 (and many other phones)

We look at how to get a free smartphone operating system on the Fairphone 3 (and many other phones),

Hosted by 2BFrank on 2021-01-11 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: LXCast, Smartphone, Android, Fairphone, FOSS.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Podcast recommendations | Comments (0)

How to install it on the FP3

  • Install /e/ on FairPhone FP3 - FP3 | /e/ documentation

  • Privacy ratings of apps:

  • Alternative launchers:

    • KISS launcher
    • Simple launcher
  • I recommended you add these apps:

    • Antennapod - podcast client
    • FairEmail or simple email
    • Fennec (Firefox)
    • Signal
    • newpipe for watching youtube without being tracked
  • Backup via adb is apparently broken | Not the fault of /e/!!

  • You cannot simply flash a new recovery, such as TWRP, to flash images or backup, instead, you can use this method

  • Donate or become a member to keep the project going:

Feel free to add any comments below!

Theme Music: Jazzhar, "Room with a View" CC-BY-SA, check him out on Jamendo and on Free Music Archive

hpr3244 :: Interview with Anco Scholte ter Horst CEO of Freedom Internet

Could there be an ISP that wants free and open internet, for privacy, security and quality ?

Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2021-01-07 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Series: Interviews | Comments (1)

In this interview with Anco Scholte ter Horst, CEO Freedom Internet, we discuss the history of Internet in the Netherlands. How inspired by the work as XS4All, a new ISP was founded with privacy, security and quality at its core.


XS4ALL was sold to KPN in December 1998, but remained an independent subsidiary. In January 2019, KPN announced that it would eventually phase out the XS4ALL brand and continue operations under the KPN brand. A petition and a special action commission was started to try to revert this decision, the petition has been signed over 50,000 times, signatories include ex-board members and founders of XS4ALL. In November 2019 the committee launched a new company named Freedom Internet, meant to serve as an ideological successor to XS4ALL, and supported by a crowdfunding action that raised 2.5 million euro. Freedom Internet initially offers e-mail hosting, and is meant to roll out its first DSL connections in early 2020.

hpr3243 :: Pictor - free and open radio astronomy

Discussion with the people that created the Pictor radio telescope.

Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2021-01-06 is flagged as Clean and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: science,astronomy,hardware,radio,data.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (0)

In this show I talk with Apostolos and Vasilis who I met at FOSDEM 2020 about the Pictor radio telescope which they created and now maintain. Using free and open source software and hardware they have made a radio telescope that anyone can operate via a simple web page and which can return results to you within a minute or two. In fact you'll hear me get excited during the show when I realise this and submit an observation request, the results of which came back immediately and which you can see below.

To date Pictor has performed 3,500 observations from over 700 users from all around the world. Additionally, the PICTOR web platform is now equipped with a 3.2m antenna, which is about 4 times more sensitive than the previous 1.5m antenna, so users can observe the radio sky for free with an even more sensitive instrument.

On top of that, after 204 hours of integration time and over 3 TB of data, they have produced a Northern Sky Hydrogen (HI) Survey produced with the PICTOR Radio Telescope. This effort actually marks the very first radio-image obtained in Greece, shown here:

Pictor all sky images of hydrogen in our galaxy
Pictor all sky images of hydrogen in our galaxy

Here are the results of the observation I performed during the show. The body of the email pictor sent back to me confirms the observation I requested:

Your observation has been carried out by PICTOR successfully!
Observation name: mcnalu first try
Observation datetime: 2020-12-08 12:40:09 (UTC+2)
Center frequency: 1420000000.0 Hz
Bandwidth: 2400000 Hz
Sample rate: 2400000 samples/sec
Number of channels: 2048
Number of bins: 100
Observation duration: 10 sec
Observation ID: 82937104
Your observation's averaged spectrum, dynamic spectrum (waterfall) and Power vs Time plot are attached in this email as an image.

And this is the plot attached to that email:

Graphs showing raw and corrected radio spectra for mcnalu's observation request
Graphs showing raw and corrected radio spectra for mcnalu's observation request

Please do have a go at using Pictor and let us know how you got on by recording an HPR show.

hpr3242 :: The eternal battle over how to run your chromebook is about to begin

Squirrel VS ALIEN Chromebook discussions

Hosted by Zen_Floater2 on 2021-01-05 is flagged as Explicit and released under a CC-BY-SA license.
Tags: chromebooks,chromiumOS,Opensource,Freesoftware,cloud computing.
Listen in ogg, spx, or mp3 format. Comments (4)

As usual, I have botched up the show notes where they make absolutely no sense and I fully expect the ENTIRE HUMAN COMMUNITY from HPR to attack me endlessly over my incompetence. They just keep forgetting that I'm a squirrel who lives in a magical forrest and not a human being and therefore does terrible show notes,

There were so many issues brought up about chromebooks and chromiumOS that I could not prepare a detailed list of them all.

This ENTIRE conversation was derived from the work found on GNU WORLD ORDER episode 383 for which you will find his show notes AS::: "Linux, Flatpaks, Android apps, and ChromiumOS on a Lenovo Chromebook."

Now, if you don't like my show notes and you do like this aliens show notes, then may I suggest your anti-squirrel and you need to be sent to a de-programming camp for rehabilitation.

Remember, squirrels represent planet earth.

Previous five weeks

hpr3241 :: HPR Community News for December 2020 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2021-01-04. Duration: 01:07:35. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers Dave, ToeJet, and Ken talk about shows released and comments posted in December 2020

hpr3240 :: Linux Under Attack hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2021-01-01. Duration: 00:16:18. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: Linux, malware, ssh.
A look at how malware is now targeting Linux, especially servers

hpr3239 :: New Community Project Proposal hosted by Enigma

Released: 2020-12-31. Duration: 00:08:36. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: hpr, community_projects, ddp, binrev.
Enigma discusses a project proposal called Hacker exchange

hpr3238 :: Linux Inlaws S01E20: The Xmas and New Year Special hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-30. Duration: 01:39:38. Flag: Explicit. Series: Linux Inlaws.
Tags: past, present, future, artificial intelligence, b-sides, ibm, microsoft, you fill in the rest.
An episode on the past, present and future not just on FOSS - all will be explained

hpr3237 :: Cloning a Hard Drive with Clonezilla hosted by Jon Kulp

Released: 2020-12-29. Duration: 00:17:37. Flag: Clean.
Tags: clonezilla, backups, hard drives, cloning.
I had some hard drive failures recently and am getting back to the habit of cloning for backups.

hpr3236 :: The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020 hosted by Pat from TLLTS

Released: 2020-12-28. Duration: 00:51:41. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Audio, music, recording, DAW, Ardour, Jack, Pulse, ALSA, Hydrogen, Odin2, Qtractor, Carla, VST.
Patrick Davila and Claudio Miranda discuss the current state of Linux Audio Application in 2020

hpr3235 :: Soldering Tips hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-12-25. Duration: 00:08:07. Flag: Explicit. Series: Hobby Electronics.
Tags: Solder,Soldering,Electronics.
What little I know about the topic you will learn

hpr3234 :: Apple products I have owned hosted by swift110

Released: 2020-12-24. Duration: 00:23:17. Flag: Clean.
Tags: apple, technology, Mac, OS X,iOS.
I talk about Apple products that I have owned over the years

hpr3233 :: HPR RPG Club reviews Shadowrun 5e hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-12-23. Duration: 00:54:05. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: rpg,cyberpunk,HPR RPG Club.
Cyberpunk + Magic and a fistful of D6

hpr3232 :: Nextcloud hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-12-22. Duration: 00:21:19. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: cloud,nextcloud,owncloud,server.
Nextcloud is easy. You should try it.

hpr3231 :: USB Key hosted by ToeJet

Released: 2020-12-21. Duration: 00:02:00. Flag: Clean. Series: Privacy and Security.
Tags: security, usb.
Turn a Thumb drive into a Key to lock/unlock your linux machine.

hpr3230 :: Introduction to Layers hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-12-18. Duration: 00:20:58. Flag: Clean. Series: GIMP.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, layers.
Layers are the most important concept in using GIMP

hpr3229 :: Linux Inlaws S01E19: Redis hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-17. Duration: 01:13:38. Flag: Explicit. Series: Linux Inlaws.
Tags: Redis, mermaids, communism, Israel.
Our two chaps interview Itamar Haber of Redis fame

hpr3228 :: YAML basics hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-12-16. Duration: 00:33:47. Flag: Clean. Series: Programming 101.
Tags: yaml,data,parse,lint,json.
Learn about sequence and mapping in YAML

hpr3227 :: Fresh water Aquarium Basics hosted by Enigma

Released: 2020-12-15. Duration: 00:26:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Aquariums.
Enigma discusses the high level basics of getting into the aquarium hobby

hpr3226 :: Using taskwarrior to structurize your work hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2020-12-14. Duration: 00:16:10. Flag: Clean.
Tags: commandline,taskwarrior,timewarrior,todo-list.
How using taskwarrior can help you to structure your work

hpr3225 :: Grill repair hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-12-11. Duration: 00:17:07. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: outdoor,outdoors,repair,home repair,grills.
I go over some grill tips/repair

hpr3224 :: Adventures in Retrocomputing with the Mac Plus hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-12-10. Duration: 00:24:39. Flag: Clean. Series: Mental Health.
Tags: Mac,Plus,Iomega,zip,drive,OS,7.5.5,6.0.8,retro,computing.
I talk more about my hobby with retrocomputing, and then Greensleeves.

hpr3223 :: My COVID year summary hosted by b-yeezi

Released: 2020-12-09. Duration: 00:18:10. Flag: Clean. Series: Health and Healthcare.
Tags: covid,healthcare,coronavirus,laboratory.
I summarize what I've been doing for the last year

hpr3222 :: Musings about writing a book about the Odoo software suite hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2020-12-08. Duration: 00:26:56. Flag: Clean.
Tags: odoo, writing, book.
How I started writing again after 20 years and this time about the Odoo software

hpr3221 :: HPR Community News for November 2020 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2020-12-07. Duration: 00:49:08. Flag: Explicit. Series: HPR Community News.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in November 2020

hpr3220 :: PixelFed hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-12-04. Duration: 00:19:43. Flag: Clean. Series: Social Media.
Tags: social media, alternative, Fediverse, ActivityPub, PixelFed, photo sharing.
A look at a federated alternative to Instagram.

hpr3219 :: Linux Inlaws S01E18: Voice Recognition and Text to Speech hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-03. Duration: 01:16:43. Flag: Explicit. Series: Linux Inlaws.
Tags: voice recognition, text to speech, wavenet, tacotron 2, DeepSpeech, Lyrebird.
How to place fake prank calls into podcasts and what does TTS have to do with this

hpr3218 :: An introduction to Darktable hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-12-02. Duration: 00:26:14. Flag: Clean.
Tags: darktable,RAW,photo,photography,editing.
A brief introduction to RAW photography, the Darktable application, and then sheep may safely graze

hpr3217 :: Sump Minion hosted by Brian in Ohio

Released: 2020-12-01. Duration: 00:18:26. Flag: Clean. Series: Hobby Electronics.
Tags: raspberry pi, slackware.
My first Internet of Things device, without using python

hpr3216 :: Buying a second home in France hosted by Jeroen Baten

Released: 2020-11-30. Duration: 00:15:52. Flag: Clean.
Tags: second-house,france.
Steps I have taken up to now for buying a second home in another country

hpr3215 :: Why I Gave Away a 3-D Printer hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-11-27. Duration: 00:07:22. Flag: Clean.
Tags: 3-D Printers, prosthetics.
I briefly had a 3-D printer and gave it away. This is why.

hpr3214 :: Rant about websites hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-11-26. Duration: 00:31:20. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: internet,security,history,html.
I go over history of websites and the complex nature of security in complex websites

hpr3213 :: Electrical Safety hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-11-25. Duration: 00:30:35. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Electrical,safety,code,electricity,electrocution.
I discuss why and how I stay safe when working with electricity, with some ear candy at the end.

hpr3212 :: A Pi Model 3B as your daily driver? You must be joking. hosted by Beeza

Released: 2020-11-24. Duration: 00:12:35. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Raspberry Pi, Software Review.
Beeza's laptop is away being fixed. Can he manage for a few days using just his Raspberry Pi 3B?

hpr3211 :: Chainsaws hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-11-23. Duration: 00:18:18. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: outdoors,outdoor,outside,mechanic,small engine repair,repair,home,home repair,chainsaws.
Info about chainsaws and what I know so far!

hpr3210 :: GIMP: Patterns and Gradients hosted by Ahuka

Released: 2020-11-20. Duration: 00:22:17. Flag: Clean. Series: GIMP.
Tags: GIMP, images, photos, graphics, patterns, gradients.
Patterns and Gradients are useful for drawing with more than just color.

hpr3209 :: Linux Inlaws S01E17: Nextcloud hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-11-19. Duration: 01:09:49. Flag: Explicit. Series: Linux Inlaws.
Tags: Nextcloud, PHP, Golang, forking a company, technical debt.
Chat with Frank Karlitschek about Nextcloud and forking your company

hpr3208 :: The Paul Quirk show: Wacom with Pinebook, and thoughts on the DMCA takedown hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-11-18. Duration: 00:18:40. Flag: Clean.
Tags: Pinebook,Pro,Wacom,tablet,DMCA,takedown,Youtube,Canadian,Canada,Music.
I got a Wacom tablet to use with my Pinebook, and then share my thoughts on the recent DMCA takedown

hpr3207 :: Fireside chat with E Nigma hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2020-11-17. Duration: 01:03:19. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: HPR, TWAT, DDP, Infonomicon, Binrev, RFA.
Ken talks to the original HPR and Today with a Techie Admin.

hpr3206 :: Dungeons and Dragons for the blind hosted by klaatu

Released: 2020-11-16. Duration: 00:58:31. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: dnd,blind,inclusive,5e,tabletop,rpg.
I discuss some easy workarounds to make tabletop RPGs easy for both sighted and non-sighted players

hpr3205 :: Backups of your Backups of Backups hosted by operat0r

Released: 2020-11-13. Duration: 00:53:25. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: backups,cloud,spideroak,backup,cloud backup,cloud backups.
Do you have backups of your backups? Well you better! Listen to this rant

hpr3204 :: Getting Started in 3D Printing hosted by Thaj Sara

Released: 2020-11-12. Duration: 00:16:00. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: 3D Printing.
Thaj gives his opinions and recommendations on how to get started in 3D printing

hpr3203 :: The Paul Quirk show: Retro Computing hosted by Paul Quirk

Released: 2020-11-11. Duration: 00:30:38. Flag: Clean.
Tags: retro,computing,Paul Quirk show,commodore,64,128,Vic 20,apple,ii,coco,8 bit,PET,Atari.
I discuss the hobby of retro computing in this episode.

hpr3202 :: A big Question hosted by Padraig Jeroen Fallon

Released: 2020-11-10. Duration: 00:18:38. Flag: Clean. Series: Tabletop Gaming.
Tags: DND, Vampires, Lich, Undead, Halloween.
In his first show, Padraig asks a big life question. Well ok more like an undead question.

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